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The Wopila Shop

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This Shop was created for those who need to purchase gifts for memorials, rememberances, friendships, relatives, loved ones. Enjoy the Shop, we have many things to offer. Padamiya.


Special Offer

The Star quilts are made for the people that have passed on before us or the ones we wish to honor. Some Star Quilts are used for protection for the newborn. There are many kinds and sizes. Please feel free to call to order any personalized items that you need. Have in mind the colors you would like, the occasion, and the materials you would like to have it made from.


Hours: 24/7

How To Order
Cash and money orders, phone orders for personalized orders.



616 3rd Ave S
Wolf Point, MT 59201

Phone: 406-650-6453

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Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: